How can you articulate your strengths together?

        The rationale and some explicit procedures for articulating your strengths together are available to you in the book titled: Articulating Strengths Together (AST): An Interactive Process to Enhance Positivity.  This book, authored by myself, Jerald R. Forster, can be obtained for $11.99 plus tax by accessing the website, The book is designed to be purchased by someone who is willing to become a guide for self and three others as they follow the guidelines for an interactive process that facilitates all four participants as they articulate their strengths together.  The entire process can be done in one three-hour session, although I recommend that the process be scheduled for two 90-minute sessions, with about an hour of homework between the two sessions.  The person who guides the process should study the guidelines described in the book before guiding the process. This preparation can usually be done in two or three hours.

        This AST process can also be done in three 50-minute class periods, if the participants spend some time on homework between the three sessions.  The AST book includes explicit guidelines for completing the process in three different formats: a three-hour session, the two 90-minute sessions, and the three 50-minute sessions.

        If you are fortunate enough to participate in the 20-hour workshop called the Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP), you can experience the AST process plus additional activities often called the Job Magnet Process. The cost of participating in the DSAP usually costs around $200, because it is facilitated by a trained facilitator and it takes 20-hours to complete the process.  You can learn about opportunities to take this workshop by accessing the website of the Center for Dependable Strengths at: That website also describes 5-day workshops that include the 20-hour Dependable Strengths Articulation Process (DSAP), plus two and a half days of activities where you prepare to facilitate others as they go through the 20-hour DSAP.